FATO Congresses

Through the organization of its congresses, FATO is intended to stimulate, promote a multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation. The International Congress of FATO is an event that is a place for exchange and discussion between rehabilitation professionals to improve quality of services and to find lasting solutions to barriers that face people with disabilities to access services. The Congress of FATO also aims at strengthening the unifying role of the FATO in order to consolidate rehabilitation sector in Africa.

All actors in rehabilitation working in Africa and in the world can participate in the congress of the FATO. In Africa, FATO favours the participation of countries by multidisciplinary teams (rehabilitation professionals, policy makers, organizations of persons with disabilities, orthopaedic technologists, physical therapists, rehabilitation physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, managers, etc.), representatives of the Ministries of health, social affairs, public and higher education, disability organizations, representatives of regional and sub regional institutions, representatives of institutional partners and donors. Guests are mainly technical and financial partners, exhibitors, professional organizations, students.

Previous Congress

2002 FATO 1st International Congress: Niamey (Niger)

2004 FATO 2nd International Congress: Lomé (Togo)

2005 FATO 3rd International Congress: Saly (Senegal)

2007 FATO 4th International Congress: Kigali (Rwanda)

2009 FATO 5th International Congress: Hammamet (Tunisia)

2011 FATO 6th International Congress: Arusha (Tanzania)

2013 FATO 7th International Congress: Yamoussoukro (Ivory Coast)

2016 FATO 8th International Congress: Lomé (Togo)