Guidelines for Workshops Proposals

The Scientific Committee of the FATO 9th International Congress is ready to receive proposal for workshops to be held during the congress. The deadline for application is extended to March 30, 2020.

Workshop proposals will be reviewed and validated by the Scientific Committee, based on their relevance and based on availability of rooms during the congress.

Workshops provide an opportunity for industry representatives to instruct participants about design features, prescription criteria and application of new products and devices. In addition, Workshop could be an opportunity for organizations to present new techniques and/or approaches. It is planned that Workshops will be conducted mainly on Thursday November 26th. However, depending on the number of proposals received, this could be modified.

Guidelines for submitting a proposal for a workshop at the 2020 FATO 9th International Congress:

  • A proposal must be submitted for each workshop (download the form)
  • The official languages of the Congress are French and English. Workshop proposals must be submitted in both languages.
  • FATO does not provide any translation during workshops as it is done during oral presentations and symposium. However, it is strongly recommended that translation is available during workshops (at the expense of the organizer)
  • All workshop proposals must be submitted, in English and in French, via the Congress website (submit your proposal). If you experience any difficulties in submitting your abstract online, please contact the Scientific Committee (
  • Workshop proposals must follow the FATO Congress structured format (download the form)
  • The title of the workshop should concisely reflect its content. Additionally, a 100-word teaser (corresponding to the section “information to participants” within the proposal form) should be provided.
  • Each workshop should last 90 minutes, and is strictly limited to that time.
  • The workshop proposer (applicant) is responsible for the organization of the workshop. He/she must clearly inform the Scientific Committee on specific needs to organize the workshop (i.e. audio-visual, translation, space, etc.). According to requests, FATO could charge the organizer for the provision of services.
  • The proposer is responsible for confirmation of the workshop speakers to present at the 2020 FATO International Congress, including payment of registration fees by latest August 17th 2020.

Important notes:

  • You must use the FATO Workshop Proposal template (download the form). If you don’t use it your proposal will be rejected.
  • Do not write outside the boxes. Any text or images outside the boxes will be deleted.
  • Do not alter the form by deleting parts of it or adding new boxes. Simply enter your information into the boxes.
  • You must use the indicated headers, remove the word numbering (being an approximation),
  • The use of one image or table is allowed /encouraged, make sure any text in it is readable
  • Save this file in “.docx” format, and saved under the following path: NAME_Surname_Abstract_WORKSHOP

Submission procedure:

  • Workshop proposers should use the dedicated form to submit a proposal (see below).
  • If you wish to submit a proposal, please fill in our Proposal for Workshop form (download the form) and save it on your computer, in “.docx” format under the following path: NAME_Surname_Proposal_WORKSHOP
  • Submit your proposal, in English and in French, via the Congress website (submit your proposal). If you experience any difficulties in submitting your proposal online, please contact the Scientific Committee (
  • The deadline for symposium proposal submission is extended to March 30 2020.
  • All workshop proposals will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and notification for acceptance will be sent by latest May 4th 2020.

Workshop proposal

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