Speech of the Chairman of the NOC


Speech of the Chairman of the NOC

The African Federation of Rehabilitation Professionals is a dynamic scholarly federation composed of members of various medical, paramedical and technical disciplines who work in satellites around the 3Rs: re-education, rehabilitation and reintegration in Africa. The “Institut des Hautes Etudes Paramédicales du Sud” (IHEPS) and the Medical Association for Continuing Education (AMFC) invite FATO to Marrakech.

Indeed, FATO did us the honor of choosing Marrakech in Morocco for its next congress. Our country is a country of welcome, hospitality and sharing. That’s why we receive this choice not only as an honor, but also as a challenge for the IHEPS and AMFC group. We are working to receive for the first time in Morocco members and participants of FATO.  

Morocco is the gateway to Africa open to the future under the influence of the European wind. Through this breath of progress, Morocco proposes to combine innovation with crafts, the need for means and competence to experience around the theme of this congress: “Equitable and universal access to rehabilitation services in Africa “.

Marrakech is happy to welcome FATO and assure that it knows how to receive. It is a flagship city in the world. It is ranked the 5th destination in the world. The transition to Marrakech becomes essential for events and events that want to have an aura, such as the film festival, COPP 22, Science and technology … At a time when the digital revolution and advances in technology have upset our practices and our professional experiences, it is important that an event of this magnitude be held in Marrakech, which opens widely its arms to welcome you.

The congress in 2020 will be a strong and important moment for African rehabilitation. It is positioned as the largest African scientific event in African physical medicine. It will represent both a place of training, meetings between different health professionals and a place of discovery of the latest technological innovations essential to our specialty.

Moreover, this congress will also be a unique place where the bond of belonging of all the actors of the specialty will be strengthened. The link that will be created between the participants will be a benefit for the advancement of our practices both for the development of the specialty in Africa and for the citizen with reduced mobility of our continent.

We must make of this meeting a moment of collective reflection to promote research and thus the autonomy of the African population. That is why your presence honors Morocco and seems indispensable for the evolution of the equity of rehabilitation in our old continent. It is then our duty to welcome you according to the Moroccan tradition, in the best conditions imposed by the reputation of FATO.

The Chairman of the NOC